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We (Chris Brown and Ann Binns) opened Bitter Virtue in 1997 - so that we could find others who shared out pleasure in the fruit of the hop - then look what happened! Enjoy.
Amendment date - Wednesday 25th March 2020

Purbeck Cider - Muddy Scamp 6.9% £ 2.50 per pint
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NEW BEERS arrived in the last 2 months
or REALLY special bottles
NationArrival DateBreweryBeerABVSizePrice
BE 17/01/2020De Brandenbere Kwaremont Blond 6.5% 330ml£ 2.70
BE 15/01/2020De Cam Framboise Vlier 6.9%375ml£20.70
BE 15/01/2020De Cam Oude Gueze 6.0%750ml£21.00
BE 15/01/2020De Cam Tros Bessen 6.5%750ml£30.00
BE 15/01/2020De Cam Wilde Bosbessen 6.5%750ml£33.00
BE 06/03/2020Drie FonteinenHommage Framboise 5.3%750ml£38.50
BE 05/02/2020Duvel-Moortgat Cherry Chouffe 8.0% 330ml£ 3.65
BE 06/03/2020Duvel-MoortgatVedett Session IPA 2.7%330ml£ 2.00
BE 17/01/2020Frank Boon Black Label No. 4 7.0%750ml£10.00
BE 17/01/2020Huyghe Delirium Barrel Aged Black 11.8%750ml£30.99
BE 17/01/2020Huyghe Delirium Barrel Aged Blonde11.5%750ml£30.99
BE 06/03/2020St FeuillienQuadruple 11.0%330ml£ 3.99
DK 06/03/2020Gamma Freak Wave 6.5%440ml£ 5.65
DK 06/03/2020Gamma What We Make 9.0%440ml£ 6.85
GE 17/01/2020Andechs Kloster Dopplebock Dunkel 7.1%500ml£ 3.50
NO 19/02/2020Lervig Dark 'N' Stormy Cocktail 10.0% 330ml£ 5.99
NO 19/02/2020Lervig Grapefruit Serendipity 9.2% 330ml£ 6.15
NO 19/02/2020Lervig Toasted Maple Stout 12.0% 330ml£ 6.20
SP 06/03/2020Cierzo Citra 6.3%440ml£ 4.65
SP 06/03/2020Cierzo\Basqueland Infrenable 8.4%440ml£ 6.10
SP 06/03/2020Cierzo La Federal 5.5%440ml£ 4.60
SP 06/03/2020Cierzo Tarántula 6.4%440ml£ 4.65
SP 06/03/2020Cierzo Tronada 7.4%440ml£ 5.35
UK 24/02/2020Arbor Mosaic *GLUTEN FREE* 4.0%568ml£ 3.90
UK 13/03/2020Buxton\North Battyeford Cut Bridge 5 8.0%440ml£ 5.60
UK 14/02/2020Buxton Far Skyline 4.9%330ml£ 3.00
UK 19/02/2020Burning Sky Huis 4.5%440ml£ 4.20
UK 28/02/2020Burning Sky New Dawn Fades 6.0%440ml£ 4.10
UK 07/02/2020Burnt Mill\DonzokoDark Second 5.0%440ml£ 3.60
UK 06/03/2020Burnt Mill Density Wave 5.4%440ml£ 4.20
UK 24/01/2020Burnt Mill Four Rivers 4.6%440ml£ 4.25
UK 06/03/2020Burnt Mill Gardens of Green: Idaho & Wai-iti 6.2%440ml£ 5.15
UK 06/03/2020Burnt Mill Lights on the Hill 6.2%440ml£ 5.15
UK 06/03/2020Burnt Mill Nelson Fog 6.4%440ml£ 5.15
UK 07/02/2020Burnt Mill Pintle 4.6%440ml£ 3.80
UK 06/03/2020Burnt Mill Quiet Glow 4.6%440ml£ 4.15
UK 24/01/2020Burnt Mill Shadow Cast 6.5%440ml£ 4.60
UK 06/03/2020Cloudwater Friends From Another Platform 6.0%440ml£ 5.85
UK 06/03/2020Kernel 1980 Export Stout 7.2%330ml£ 3.20
UK 13/12/2019Kernel Exp India Porter - HBC 431, Sticklebract 6.0%330ml£ 2.65
UK 13/12/2019Kernel Pale Ale - Columbus 5.6%500ml£ 3.20
UK 13/12/2019Kernel Table Beer - Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin 3.2%500ml£ 2.20
UK 18/03/2020Left Handed Giant Moment in the Sun 6.0%440ml£ 5.40
UK 20/03/2020Left Handed Giant Still Darkness 11.0%440ml£ 6.75
UK 18/03/2020Left Handed Giant\Exale Wood, Sugar & Smoke 9.0%440ml£ 6.30
UK 04/02/2020Lost Pier\Vibrant Forest The Midnight Array (Malbec Stout) 6.3%440ml£ 4.20
UK 06/03/2020Magic Rock Bearded Lady Dessert Edition 10.5%330ml£ 5.20
UK 13/03/2020Mills Brewing Bruisebury 8.5%750ml£18.00
UK 06/03/2020Northern Monk Faith 5.4%440ml£ 3.25
UK 19/02/2020Northern Monk Heathen 7.2%440ml£ 4.45
UK 20/03/2020Northern Monk Hop City 2020 9.5%440ml£ 7.65
UK 13/03/2020Northern Monk\Deya 13.05 Mortal Planes 8.3%440ml£ 7.35
UK 06/03/2020Northern Monk 24.01 Astro Black 12.0%440ml£ 7.25
UK 20/03/2020Pressure Drop Am I Being Basic? 6.8%440ml£ 5.25
UK 21/02/2020Pressure Drop Big Dreams 4.4%440ml£ 4.99
UK 19/02/2020Pressure Drop Escape Pod Cherry edition 10.0%440ml£ 5.40
UK 19/02/2020Pressure Drop Give Me the Message 7.2%440ml£ 4.60
UK 21/02/2020Pressure Drop Pale Fire 4.8%440ml£ 3.60
UK 28/02/2020Pressure Drop Voulez Vous 5.2%440ml£ 4.00
UK 18/02/2020Red CatImperial 19 10.3%750ml£12.50
UK 03/03/2020Siren/SALT The Abyssal Zone 10.0%440ml£ 4.95
UK 03/03/2020Siren Craft BrewAzaccattack 6.1%440ml£ 4.20
UK 28/01/2020Siren Craft Brew Big Red Machine 5.8%440ml£ 3.99
UK 28/01/2020Siren Craft Brew Coldblooded 5.0%440ml£ 3.55
UK 03/03/2020Siren/J WakefieldDark and Perilous Nights 12.4%375ml£ 9.10
UK 03/03/2020Siren/Green Cheek Every Minute Matters 7.20%440ml£ 4.30
UK 28/01/2020Siren/Dry & Bitter Hard Rollin' 7.0%440ml£ 4.60
UK 12/03/2020Siren Craft BrewMaiden 2019 11.0%375ml£ 9.99
UK 03/03/2020Siren Craft BrewRefractions 4.2%440ml£ 2.90
UK 03/03/2020Siren Craft BrewRoyal Crumble 4.2%440ml£ 3.50
UK 03/03/2020Siren Craft BrewSanto 5.0%330ml£ 2.55
UK 14/03/2020Siren Craft BrewSINS 6.6%440ml£ 3.99
UK 14/03/2020Siren Craft BrewVirtues 7.0%440ml£ 4.30
UK 08/01/2020Steam Town Firebox 4.6% 500ml£ 3.30
UK 14/02/2020Tiny Rebel Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dulche 11.0%330ml£ 5.20
UK 14/02/2020Tiny Rebel Holy Hand Grenade 6.8%330ml£ 4.25
UK 14/02/2020Tiny Rebel Not So Fast Round Boy 5.0%330ml£ 3.20
UK 14/02/2020Tiny Rebel Paradise City 6.8%330ml£ 4.25
UK 28/01/2020Tiny Rebel Rhubarb & Custard Sour 4.0%330ml£ 2.80
UK 27/02/2020Unity Collision 6.2%440ml£ 3.70
UK 27/02/2020Unity Funk Dancing for Self Defence 4.2%440ml£ 3.40
UK 06/02/2020Unity Land of Sunshine 5.8%440ml£ 3.99
UK 27/02/2020Unity\Boxcar\Duration Root Down 7.0%440ml£ 4.25
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant ForestAmorph 8.0%440ml£ 4.70
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant Forest\AffinityGrizzly Pear 4.3%440ml£ 3.60
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant ForestFaithful Steed 4.5%440ml£ 3.40
UK 04/02/2020Vibrant ForestKick-Start 5.7%440ml£ 3.50
UK 02/02/2020Vibrant ForestPupa 4.5%440ml£ 3.45
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant ForestPrimordial 5.2%330ml£ 3.25
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant ForestRaspberry Luciferin 7.4%330ml£ 4.10
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant Forest\Black IrisShattered Paradign 6.5%440ml£ 3.99
UK 04/02/2020Vibrant ForestSupa Powa Pupa Sour 7.0%440ml£ 4.50
UK 03/03/2020Vibrant Forest\Emperor'sYub Nub 12.7%330ml£ 4.35
UK 13/03/2020Wild Beer Co Kalamansification 5.0%330ml£ 2.45
UK 28/01/2020Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Barrel Aged 9.0%330ml£ 9.80
UK 19/02/2020Wild Beer Co\Cascade Overture 9.2%750ml£19.50
UK 24/01/2020Wild Beer Co VIVO 4.9%330ml£ 3.10
UK 13/03/2020Wild Beer Co Whitewood 5.0%750ml£ 8.20
UK 28/01/2020Wild Beer Co Yadokai Barrel Aged 13.0%330ml£ 9.99
UK 27/02/2020Wild Weather Full of Beans 5.0%440ml£ 3.45
UK 27/02/2020Wild Weather Peach of a Weekend 5.6%440ml£ 3.55
UK 27/02/2020Wild Weather\Anarchy Whey Aye for an Eye 5.7%440ml£ 3.80
UK 06/03/2020Wylam\De Molen A Never Ending Series of ????? 7.5%440ml£ 5.50
UK 06/03/2020Wylam\Yeastie Boys WxY5 7.0%440ml£ 5.40
US 06/03/2020Anchor Brewers Pale Ale Galaxy 5.3%355ml£ 2.55
US 06/03/2020Cigar CityOatmeal Raisin 5.5%355ml£ 3.30
US 06/03/2020Evil TwinEven More Jesus 12.0%473ml£ 6.95
US 06/03/2020Firestone WalkerCoconut Merlin 5.5%355ml£ 2.70
US 06/03/2020Firestone WalkerLuponic Distortion No. 13 5.9%355ml£ 2.80
Anchor Baykeeper 7.0%355ml£ 2.90
Anchor Brewers Pale Ale Citra 5.3%355ml£ 2.55
Anchor Brewers Pale Ale Galaxy 5.3%355ml£ 2.55
Anchor Christmas Beer 2019 6.9% 355ml£ 3.10
Anchor Fog Breaker 6.0%355ml£ 2.80
Anchor Liberty Ale 5.9%355ml£ 2.65
Anchor Liberty IPA 5.9%355ml£ 2.65
Anchor Porter 5.6%355ml£ 2.50
Anchor San Franpsycho 6.3%355ml£ 2.80
Anchor Steam Beer 4.8%355ml£ 2.40
BrooklynBlack Chocolate Stout 10.0%355ml£ 3.95
BrooklynBQE - Cloaking Device 10.5%750ml£23.00
BrooklynBQE - Kiwi's Playhouse 8.1%750ml£24.99
BrooklynBQE - Tripel Burner 10.6%750ml£23.49
Cigar CityGuayabera 5.5% 355ml£ 2.95
Cigar CityJai Alai 7.5%355ml£ 3.30
Cigar CityWhite Oak Jai Alai 5.0%355ml£ 2.65
Evil Twin Blood Orange Margarita 8.0% 473ml£ 6.70
Evil Twin Brett, Yeast and Helles 5.5% 650ml£ 9.40
Evil Twin Grand Cru 12.5%473ml£ 9.99
Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break 11.5% 473mlout of stock
Evil Twin Island Bliss 5.8%473ml£ 5.55
Evil Twin No Snowflake... 7.0%473ml£ 6.55
Evil Twin Ol Dorado 7.0%473ml£ 6.25
Evil Twin Race Day 6.0%473ml£ 6.65
Evil Twin Tangerine Tonic 8.0% 473ml£ 6.70
Evil Twin The Pure & Simple IPA is... 4.5%473ml£ 4.40
Flying Dog Dead Rise 5.6% 355ml£ 2.80
Flying Dog Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout 8.9%355ml£ 3.50
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter 8.7%355ml£ 4.25
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA 7.1%355ml£ 2.85
Flying Dog Tropical Bitch 8.0%355ml£ 3.70
GiganticGrimalkin Amorphotron 10.5%650ml£11.85
Goose IslandHalia 7.7%355ml£ 3.80
Goose IslandMadame Rose 6.7%355ml£ 2.80
Goose Island Sofie 6.5% 355ml£ 4.25
Great Divide Hercules DIPA 10.0% 355ml£ 5.75
KonaBig Wave Golden Ale 4.4% 355ml£ 2.50
KonaGold Cliff IPA 7.2% 355ml£ 2.90
KonaHanalei Fruit IPA 4.5% 355ml£ 2.50
Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa 8.5%375ml£19.95
North Coast Le Merle 7.9% 355ml£ 4.40
OdellDeconstruction 10.5% 750ml£19.99
Oskar BluesCan-O-Bliss 7.2% 355ml£ 2.95
Oskar BluesGuns 'N' Rose 6.0% 355ml£ 2.75
Rogue6 Hop IPA 6.66%355ml£ 3.30
RogueOutta Line 6.9% 355ml£ 3.40
Sly FoxIncubus - Tripel Style 10.3%750ml£11.20
Spencer India Pale Ale 7.2% 330ml£ 5.50
Spencer Trappist Ale 6.5% 330ml£ 4.15
Stone Berlin See Germany section
Stone Brewing Aggro Aggronomist 7.0% 355ml£ 3.70
Stone BrewingDelicious IPA *GLUTEN FREE* 7.7%355ml£ 3.99
Two Roads Lil' Heaven SIPA 4.8%355ml£ 2.60
Two Roads Ol' Factory pils 5.0%355ml£ 2.60
Two Roads\Evil TwinSaigon Selfie Scooter 9.5%473ml£ 6.55
Two Roads Worker's Comp saison 4.8%355ml£ 2.40
Wicked WeedOblivion 7.4% 500ml£15.75
6 Degrees North Anise Verde 4.8% 750ml£10.75
6 Degrees North Spruce Saison 5.2% 750ml£10.75
Arbor Mosaic *GLUTEN FREE* 4.0%568ml£ 3.90
Arbor Yakima Valley 7.0%568ml£ 4.60
BeavertownGamma Ray Pale Ale 5.4%330ml£ 2.70
BeavertownNeck Oil Session IPA 4.3%330ml£ 2.70
Beavertown Tempus Project Breed 4.7%375ml£ 9.00
Beavertown Tempus Project Entomb 4.0%375ml£ 8.50
Beavertown Tempus Project Metamorph 6.7%375ml£ 9.40
Bowman AlesIPA 6.0%500ml£ 2.70
Bowman AlesMeon Valley Bitter 3.9%500ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesQuiver Bitter 4.5%500ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%500ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesTrebuchet 4.5%500ml£ 2.40
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%500ml£ 2.40
BrewDog Hoppy Christmas 4.5% 330ml£ 2.99
BrewDog Punk AF 0.5%330ml£ 1.75
Bristol Beer FactoryMilk Stout 4.5%500ml£ 3.30
Bristol Beer FactorySouthville Hop IPA 6.5%500ml£ 3.45
Burning Sky Arise 4.4%330ml£ 2.85
Burning Sky\Ascension Cider Apple Saison 6.7750ml£14.30
Burning Sky Coolship Release No. 2 7.2%750ml£14.65
Burning Sky Cuvée 2019 7.5%750ml£13.50
Burning Sky Easy Answers IPA 6.0%330ml£ 3.10
Burning Sky Petite Saison 3.5%330ml£ 2.70
Burning Sky Saison Êté 4.2%330ml£ 2.99
Burning Sky Saison Hiver 4.2%330ml£ 2.99
Burning Sky\Westwell This Land 6.0750ml£13.50
Burnt Mill Pintle 4.3% 440ml£ 3.80
Burnt Mill Steel Cut *GLUTEN FREE 4.2%440ml£ 4.80
Cloudwater Spirit Animal Loquat 4.6%750ml£ 9.60
Dark Revolution Bahama Breeze 5.3%330ml£ 2.70
Dark Revolution M.I.A. 7.5%330ml£ 3.60
Dorset Brewing CoDorset Knob 3.9% 500ml£ 2.85
Dorset Brewing CoDurdle Door 5.0% 500ml£ 3.30
Dorset Brewing CoJurassic 4.2% 500ml£ 3.20
DowntonMoonstruck (formerly Dark Delight) 6.0%500ml£ 2.30
DowntonHoney Blonde 4.3%500ml£ 2.30
DowntonChimera IPA 7.0%500ml£ 2.65
DowntonEndeavour 10.0%500ml£ 3.99
DowntonNew Forest Ale 5.8%500ml£ 2.60
DowntonRoman Imperial Stout 9.0%500ml£ 3.85
Duration Ebb and Flow 6.5% 440ml£ 5.10
Fyne Ales Origins: Crimson Fall 7.0%375ml£ 6.90
Hammerpot Brighton Belle 4.6% 500ml£ 2.45
Hammerpot Mosaic Pale 4.1% 500ml£ 2.45
Heather Ales 4 Historic Ales of Scotland mixed1320ml£10.99
Hop BackCrop Circle *GLUTEN FREE* 4.2% 500ml£ 2.45
Hop BackEntire Stout 4.5% 500ml£ 2.60
Hop BackSummer Lightning Big Can 5.0%5000ml£24.99
Hop BackTaiphoon *GLUTEN FREE* 4.2% 500ml£ 2.60
Hop BackWinter Lightning 5.5% 500ml£ 3.05
KernelExport India Porter 6.0%330ml£ 2.65
KernelExport Stout - London 1890 6.7%330mlout of stock
KernelIPA - Assorted - See New Beers 7.1%330mlout of stock
KernelPale Ale - Assorted - See New Beers 5.2%330ml£ 3.20
KernelTable Beer - Assorted - See New Beers 3.3%330ml£ 2.20
Lost & Grounded Keller Pils 4.8%440ml£ 3.35
Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit 5.5%330ml£ 2.50
Magic Rock Salty Kiss 4.1%330ml£ 2.20
Magic Rock Strongarm Rye BA 11.5% 750ml£15.65
Northern Monk Faith 5.4% 440mlout of stock
Northern Monk 14.05 King 7.4%440ml£ 5.75
N Monk\Wizard 15.03 Lady of the Sunshine 5.7%440ml£ 6.10
Northern Monk 16.03 Ben Nevis 9.0%440ml£ 6.65
Pig's Ears\Burning Sky Beer+Art 10 Saison 6.5%440ml£ 5.30
Pig's Ears\Burnt Mill Beer+Art 13 American Pale 5.4%440ml£ 5.00
Pilot Blond 4.0% 330ml£ 2.80
Pressure Drop Pale Fire 4.8% 440ml£ 3.60
Pressure Drop Private Caller 4.8% 440ml£ 4.60
Red CatArt of T (Earl Grey) 3.6%500ml£ 2.99
Red CatImperial 19 10.3%750ml£12.50
Red CatMacavity 5.3%500mlout of stock
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%500ml£ 2.45
Red CatMosaic Pale 4.9%500ml£ 2.65
Red CatProwler Pale 3.5%500ml£ 2.45
Red CatScratch 4.0%330ml£ 2.45
Red CatTomcat APA 4.7%500ml£ 2.50
Sam SmithOrganic Chocolate Stout *BACK IN* 5.0%550ml£ 3.40
Sam SmithOrganic Pale Ale *BACK IN* 5.0%550ml£ 3.40
Sam SmithOrganic Cherry 5.1%355ml£ 2.90
Sam SmithOrganic Raspberry 5.1%355ml£ 2.90
Siren Craft Brew Big Red Machine 5.8%440ml£ 3.99
Siren Craft Brew Broken Dream Breakfast Stout 6.5%330ml£ 2.40
Siren Craft Brew Calypso 4.0%330ml£ 2.00
Siren Craft Brew Coldblooded 5.0%440ml£ 3.55
Siren\Hair of the DogFred in London 11.0%330ml£ 4.00
Siren Craft Brew Futurist *GLUTEN FREE* 4.8%440ml£ 3.85
Siren Craft Brew Going Out Stout 4.8%440ml£ 3.99
Siren/Dry & Bitter Hard Rollin' 7.0%440ml£ 4.60
Siren Craft Brew In the Belly of a Shark 6.2%440ml£ 4.10
Siren Craft Brew It's My Jam 6.3%440ml£ 4.30
Siren Craft Brew Maiden 2016 Barley Wine 11.2%375ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft Brew Maiden 2017 Barley Wine 11.3%375ml£ 9.99
Siren Craft Brew Maiden 2019 Barley Wine 11.0%375ml£ 9.99
Siren\Broaden & BuildMarginal Grains 5.0%440ml£ 3.90
Siren\Daughters & KingsOats on Oats 7.2%330ml£ 3.70
Siren Craft Brew Odyssey 008 Barrel Aged Blend 8.7%375ml£ 9.60
Siren Craft Brew Pompelmocello 6.0%440ml£ 3.99
Siren Craft Brew Santo 5.0%330ml£ 2.45
Siren\LHG Snake Legs 8.6%330ml£ 3.75
Siren Craft Brew Soundwave IPA 5.6%330ml£ 2.45
Siren Craft Brew Yu Lu 3.6% 330ml£ 2.00
Siren Craft Brew Double Double 6.0% 330ml£ 3.00
Siren Craft Brew Ristretto Negroni 6.7% 330ml£ 2.90
Steam Town Firebox 4.6% 500ml£ 3.30
Steam Town Stoke Pale 3.8% 500ml£ 3.15
SuthwykOld Dick 3.8%500mlout of stock
SuthwykSkew Sunshine Ale 4.2%500ml£ 2.65
Thornbridge Zero Five (Alcohol Free) 0.5%330ml£ 1.85
Thornbridge\Senne CoE - European Pale 5.0%330ml£ 2.60
Thornbridge Elio 4.7%330ml£ 2.40
Thornbridge Galaxia 4.5% 330ml£ 2.45
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%330ml£ 2.50
Thornbridge The Heart Desires 6.5%375ml£13.45
Thornbridge Versa 5.0%440ml£ 2.50
Thornbridge\Siren Vida 6.0%330ml£ 2.70
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica 5.5% 330mlout of stock
Tiny RebelDutty 4.2% 330mlout of stock
Tiny RebelFrambuzi 4.3% 330ml£ 2.65
Tiny RebelStay Puft 5.2% 330ml£ 2.60
TitanicCappuccino Stout 4.5%330ml£ 2.10
TitanicChocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5%330ml£ 2.10
TitanicPlum Porter 4.9%500ml£ 2.99
Titanic Raspberry Wheat 4.7%330ml£ 2.80
Unity Collision 6.2%440ml£ 3.70
Unity Conflux Pale Ale 4.8%440ml£ 3.40
Unity Congregate 4.2%440ml£ 3.15
Unity Fresco 5.0%440ml£ 3.80
Unity Nocturnal Supremacy 8.2%440ml£ 4.45
Vibrant ForestAmorph 8.0%440ml£ 4.70
Vibrant ForestBlack Oktober 9.0%330ml£ 3.90
Vibrant ForestCambrian Root 5.1%330ml£ 3.35
Vibrant ForestCyanea 7.3%440ml£ 4.70
Vibrant ForestGame Trails 6.0%440ml£ 3.99
Vibrant ForestKick-Start 5.7%440ml£ 3.50
Vibrant ForestPupa 4.5%440ml£ 3.45
Vibrant ForestUmbral Abyss 11.5%330ml£ 4.15
White Horse IPA 5.0%500ml£ 2.80
White HorsePferdestarke Pils 4.6%500ml£ 2.65
White HorseVillage Idiot 4.1%500ml£ 2.50
White HorseWar Horse 4.9%500ml£ 2.65
Wild Beer Co Millionaire 4.7%330ml£ 2.50
Wild Beer Co Pogo 4.1%330ml£ 2.55
Wild Beer Co Sleeping Limes 4.5%330ml£ 2.50
Wild Beer Co Choked Up! 5.8% 330ml£ 3.60
Wild Beer Co Currant Affairs 5.2%750ml£ 9.99
Wild Beer Co Murmur 5.0% 330ml£ 3.10
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi 9.0%750ml£ 9.85
Wild Beer Co Ninkasi Barrel Aged 9.0%330ml£ 9.80
Wild Beer Co\Cascade Overture 9.2%750ml£19.50
Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons Export 6.0%330ml£ 3.45
Wild Beer Co VIVO 4.9%330ml£ 3.10
Wild Beer Co Wineybeest 10.5%750ml£16.75
Wild Beer Co Yadokai 13.0% 750ml£14.95
Wild Beer Co Yadokai Barrel Aged 13.0%330ml£ 9.99
Wiper and True Milk Shake 4.8% 440ml£ 3.70
Draught Beers for Take Home
BOWMAN: Order by Wednesday RED CAT order by midday Tuesday of the week the beer is required.
BreweryBeerABVNotional SizePrice
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%18 pints£ 34.50
Bowman AlesSwift One 3.8%36 pints£ 64.00
Bowman AlesMeon Valley 3.9%18 pints£ 34.50
Bowman AlesMeon Valley 3.9%36 pints£ 64.00
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%18 pints£ 34.50
Bowman AlesWallops Wood 4.0%36 pints£ 64.00
Bowman AlesYumi 3.9%18 pints£ 34.50
Bowman AlesYumi 3.9%36 pints£ 64.00
Bowman AlesSeasonal 4.5%18 pints£ 37.00
Bowman AlesSeasonal 4.5%36 pints£ 67.00
Red CatProwler Pale 3.6%18 Pints£ 31.00
Red CatProwler Pale 3.6%36 Pints£ 61.00
Red CatMosaic Pale 4.7%18 Pints£ 35.00
Red CatMosaic Pale 4.7%36 Pints£ 67.00
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%18 Pints£ 34.00
Red CatMr M's Porter 4.5%36 Pints£ 67.00
Belgian Traditional Gueuze
Lambic Beers are made from malted barley, raw wheat and dried hops. Fermentation
is spontaneous and the resulting liquid is matured in huge wooden barrels, sometimes for
many years. GUEUZE is made by blending lambics of various ages, creating a new fermentation
in the bottle. Only a handful of authentic producers survive.
BzartLambiek 8.0% 750ml£20.50
CantillonGueuze - Kriek 5.0%375ml£ 9.85
CantillonGueuze - Organic 5.0%375ml£ 7.35
De Cam Framboise Vlier 6.9%375ml£20.70
De Cam Oude Gueze 6.0%750ml£21.00
De Cam Tros Bessen 6.5%750ml£30.00
De Cam Wilde Bosbessen 6.5%750ml£33.00
De Cam Kriek - Lambiek 6.5%750ml£25.50
Drie FonteinenCuvée Armand & Gaston 7.0%375ml£11.65
Drie FonteinenFramboos Oogst 7.0%375ml£40.00
Frank Boon Discovery Box var1500ml£42.00
Frank Boon Black Label 4th edition 7.0%750ml£10.00
Frank Boon Kriek 2017 4.0%375ml£ 4.10
Frank Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 6.0%375ml£ 6.80
Frank Boon Mariage Parfait 8.0%375ml£ 5.35
Frank Boon Oude Gueuze 2015-16 6.5%375ml£ 3.85
Frank Boon Framboise 2018 5.0%375ml£ 4.75
Frank Boon(Horal) Oude Gueuze Megablend 2017 7.0%750ml£14.25
Frank Boon(Horal) Oude Gueuze Megablend 2019 7.0%750ml£16.50
Frank Boon\Mikkeler Oude Gueuze Vermouth 6.6%750ml£17.85
Frank Boon Oude Schaarbeekse Kriek 6.0% 375ml£10.40
GirardinGueuze Black Label 5.0%375mlout of stock
Hanssens Oude Gueuze 6.0%375ml£ 5.99
Hanssens Schaarbeekse Kriek 6.0% 375ml£10.40
Lambiek Fabrik Bret-Elle Oude Geuze 5.5%375ml£ 8.70
Lindemans Cuvee Rene Gueuze 5.5%375ml£ 4.25
Moriau (Boon) Oude Geuze 7.0%375ml£ 4.40
Oud BeerselOude Gueuze 6.0%375ml£ 5.85
Oud BeerselGreen Walnut 6.0%750ml£22.00
Oud BeerselVandervelden 135 Geuze 6.5% 375ml£ 8.30
TilquinOude Gueuze 2015-16 6.0%375ml£ 7.20
TimmermansOude Gueuze Ltd Ed 5.5%375ml£ 5.60
TimmermansSloe Lambicus 3.5%330ml£ 2.85
Trappist Ales
Achelse Kluis (BE)Trappist Blonde 8.0%330ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Trappist Bruin 8.0%330ml£ 3.60
Achelse Kluis Achelse Extra Blonde 9.5%750ml£12.45
Achelse Kluis Achelse Extra Bruin 9.5%750ml£12.75
Chimay (BE)Blue 9.0%330ml£ 3.70
Chimay Gold 4.8%330ml£ 2.40
Chimay Red 7.0%330ml£ 2.60
Chimay White 8.0%330ml£ 3.20
Chimay Grande Reserve 2018 9.0%750ml£ 9.50
Chimay Grande Reserve BA 2018 10.0%750ml£25.75
De Kievit (NL)Zundert Trappist 8.0%330ml£ 4.70
De Kievit (NL)Zundert 10 10.0%330ml£ 5.25
Engelszell (AU)Gregorius 10.5%330ml£ 6.90
Mont des Cats (F) Mont des Cats 7.6%330ml£ 4.85
Mount St Bernard(UK)Tynt Meadow 7.4%330ml£ 2.70
Orval (BE)Orval 6.2%330ml£ 2.75
Rochefort (BE)6 7.5%330ml£ 2.85
Rochefort 8 9.2%330ml£ 3.99
Rochefort 10 11.3%330ml£ 4.95
Spencer (US)Spencer Ale 6.5%330ml£ 4.50
Spencer Spencer India Pale Ale 7.2%330ml£ 5.50
La Trappe (NL)Dubbel 7.0%330ml£ 3.10
La Trappe Isid'or 7.5%330ml£ 3.05
La Trappe Quadrupel 10.0%330ml£ 3.90
La Trappe Tripel 8.0%330ml£ 3.45
Tre Fontane (IT)Tripel 8.5%330ml£ 9.75
Westmalle (BE)Dubbel 7.0%330ml£ 2.50
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%330ml£ 3.65
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%750ml£10.80
3 FourquetsLupulus Hopera 6.0%330ml£ 3.15
3 FourquetsLupulus Tripel 8.5%750ml£ 8.60
Abbaye des Rocs Speciale Noel 9.0% 330ml£ 3.60
AchouffeBig Chouffe 8.0%1500ml£21.99
AchouffeCherry Chouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.65
AchouffeHoublon Chouffe 9.0%330ml£ 3.90
AchouffeLa Chouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.65
AchouffeMcChouffe 8.0%330ml£ 3.65
AchouffeN'Ice Chouffe 10.0%330ml£ 4.30
AchouffeN'Ice Chouffe 10.0% 750ml£12.75
AnkerGouden Carolus Cuvée van der Kaiser 11.0%750mlout of stock
AnkerGouden Carolus Cuvée vd Kaiser Whisky Infused 11.7%330ml£ 4.95
AnkerGouden Carolus Classic 8.5%330ml£ 3.60
AnkerGouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8.0%330ml£ 3.45
AnkerGouden Carolus Indulgence 2018 8.0%750ml£16.90
AnkerGouden Carolus Indulgence 2019 9.0%750ml£16.90
AnkerGouden Carolus Triple 9.0%330ml£ 3.70
Beer Project BrusselsBabylone 6.5%330ml£ 3.35
Beer Project BrusselsDark Sister BIPA 6.6%330mlout of stock
Beer Project BrusselsDelta IPA 6.0%330ml£ 3.20
Beer Project BrusselsGrosse Berthe 7.0%330ml£ 3.25
Beer Project BrusselsJuice Junkie 5.4%330ml£ 3.75
Beer Project Brussels Wild Child 6.2%330ml£ 3.40
Bockor Cuvée des Jacobins 5.5%330ml£ 3.55
Bosteels (ABInBev)Kwak 8.4%330ml£ 3.20
Bosteels (ABInBev)Tripel Karmeliet 8.4%330ml£ 3.20
CastleBacchus Framboise 5.0%375ml£ 4.30
CastleBacchus Kriek 5.8%375ml£ 4.30
CastleKasteel Barista Chocolate Quad 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
CastleKasteel Cuvée de Chateau 11.0%330ml£ 4.40
CastleKasteel Donker (Dark) 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
CastleKasteel Rouge (Fruit) 8.0%330ml£ 3.50
CastleKasteel Triple (Blonde) 11.0%330ml£ 4.30
De Brabandere (Bavik)Kwaremont Blond 6.5%330ml£ 2.70
De Brabandere (Bavik)Petrus Aged Pale 7.3%330ml£ 3.30
De Brabandere (Bavik)Petrus Aged Red 8.5%330ml£ 3.80
De Dolle BrouwersArabier 8.0%330ml£ 4.20
De Dolle BrouwersBoskeun (Easter) 9.0%330ml£ 4.70
De Dolle BrouwersDulle Teve 9.0%330ml£ 4.70
De Dolle BrouwersOerbier 9.0%330ml£ 4.65
De Dolle BrouwersOerbier Reserva 12.0%330mlout of stock
De Dolle BrouwersSpecial Extra Stout 9.0%330ml£ 4.35
De Dolle BrouwersStille Nacht 12.0%330ml£ 6.00
De KoninckWild Jo Blond 5.8%330ml£ 2.60
De LandtsheerMalheur 12 Brune 12.0%330ml£ 4.85
De LandtsheerMalheur Brut 11.0%750ml£21.99
De Leite Cuvée Soeur'Ise (Kriek) 8.5%330ml£ 5.25
De ProefReinaert Grand Cru 9.5%330ml£ 3.45
De RankeComplexité 6.0%750ml£ 9.00
De RankeCuvée de Ranke 7.0%750mlout of stock
De RankeGuldenberg Abdijbier 8.5%330ml£ 3.45
De RankeXX Bitter 6.2%330ml£ 2.65
De RankeXXX Bitter 6.0%750ml£ 9.90
De Ryck Steenuilke Spiced Pale 6.5%330ml£ 2.90
Dochter van de KorenaarBeau Monde Orange Saison 6.2%330ml£ 3.99
DubuissonBush Caractère 12.0%330ml£ 4.40
DupontAvec les Bons Voeux 9.5%750ml£ 8.85
DupontCuvée Dry Hopping 2018 6.5%375ml£ 3.25
DupontHirond 'Ale Hoppy Spelt Saison 5.7%330ml£ 2.60
DupontSaison 6.5%330ml£ 2.35
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel 8.5%330ml£ 3.00
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Tripel Hop Citra 9.5%330ml£ 3.99
Duvel-MoortgatDuvel Bourbon Barrel Aged No. 311.5% 750ml£39.99
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 6 (Blonde) 6.0%330ml£ 2.60
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 8 (Bruin ) 8.0%330ml£ 3.40
Duvel-MoortgatMaredsous 10 (Triple)10.0%330ml£ 3.90
Duvel-MoortgatVedett Extra White 4.7%330ml£ 2.10
Duvel-MoortgatVedett IPA 6.0% 330ml£ 2.70
Duvel-MoortgatVedett Session IPA 2.7% 330ml£ 2.00
Légendes (formerly Ellezelloise)Hercule Stout 9.0%330ml£ 4.60
Fantôme Amarillo Saison 8.0% 750ml£14.25
Fantôme Ekuanot & Mosaic Saison 6.7% 750ml£14.25
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Blonde 6.0%330ml£ 2.55
Halve MaanBrugse Zot Dubbel 7.5%330ml£ 2.85
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Quadrupel11.0%330ml£ 4.35
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Tripel 9.0%330ml£ 3.85
Halve MaanStraffe Hendrik Wild 2018 9.0%330ml£ 4.35
HuygheDelirium Argentum 7.0% 330ml£ 3.60
HuygheDelirium Christmas 10.0% 330ml£ 3.95
HuygheDelirium Nocturnum 8.5%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Red (Fruit) 8.0%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Tremens 8.5%330ml£ 3.35
HuygheDelirium Selection 4 bottles & glass mixed1320ml£25.99
HuygheFloris Framboise 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheFloris Mango 3.6%330ml£ 2.35
HuygheFloris Passion 3.6%330ml£ 2.30
HuygheFloris Strawberry 3.6%330mlout of stock
HuygheFruli Strawberry 4.1%330ml£ 2.45
HuygheMongozo Banana 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheMongozo Buckwheat (Organic, Glutenfree) 4.8%330ml£ 2.40
HuygheMongozo Coconut 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
HuygheMongozo Mango 3.6%330ml£ 2.50
KerkomAdelardus Dubbel 7.0%330ml£ 2.95
KerkomAdelardus Tripel 9.0%330ml£ 3.50
KerkomBink Blond 5.5%330ml£ 2.35
KerkomBink Bruin 5.5%330ml£ 2.35
KerkomHop Verdomme IPA 7.0%330ml£ 3.10
Lefebvre Barbar Honey Beer 8.0%330ml£ 3.20
Lefebvre Hopus 8.3%330ml£ 3.70
LiefmansFruitesse 4.2%250ml£ 1.90
LiefmansGluhkriek 6.0% 750ml£ 6.70
LindemansCassis 3.5%250ml£ 2.00
LindemansFramboise 2.5%250ml£ 2.00
LindemansKriek 3.5%375ml£ 2.95
LindemansPecheresse 2.5%375ml£ 4.10
MartinGordon's Christmas 8.8% 330ml£ 3.80
MartinMartin's IPA 6.9%330ml£ 3.10
MartinWaterloo Strong Dark 8.0%330ml£ 3.50
MartinWaterloo Triple Blond 7.5%330ml£ 3.35
MusketeersTroubadour Magma DIPA 9.0%330ml£ 3.60
MusketeersTroubador Magma Tropical 6.5%330ml£ 2.95
RodenbachRodenbach 5.2%250mlout of stock
RodenbachRodenbach Alexander 5.6%330ml£ 2.95
RodenbachRodenbach Charactère Rouge 7.0%750ml£14.99
RodenbachRodenbach Grand Cru 6.0%330ml£ 3.20
Roman Adriaan Brouwer Oaked 10.0%330ml£ 4.20
Roman Adriaan Brouwer Tripel 9.0%330ml£ 3.90
Roman Rebelse Strop Brett Beer 6.9%330ml£ 2.95
Senne Brouwerij Jambe de Bois 8.0%330ml£ 3.55
Senne\Lambrate Lambrozenne 6.2%330ml£ 3.25
Senne\Magic RockMagic Tafel 3.8330 ml£ 2.60
Senne\StockholmSprussel 5.8330 ml£ 3.00
Senne BrouwerijTaras Bulba 4.5%330ml£ 2.45
Siphon Blinker Saison 5.5% 330ml£ 3.80
Siphon Damme Nation IPA 7.0% 330ml£ 4.50
Siphon Cendre Black India Saison 6.5% 330ml£ 4.50
Siphon Hutwe Coffee Saison 5.0% 330ml£ 3.75
St BernardusExtra 4 4.8%330ml£ 2.15
St BernardusAbt 10.0%330ml£ 4.10
St BernardusWitbier 5.5%330ml£ 2.15
St BernardusSt Bernardus Xmas 10.0% 330ml£ 4.50
St FeuillienGrand Cru 9.5%330mlout of stock
St FeuillienSaison 6.5%330ml£ 2.80
St FeuillienTripel 8.5%330ml£ 3.90
Stil Ende Bar Bèlge 6.0%330ml£ 3.45
Struise Brouwers Aestatis 2015 11.0%330ml£ 5.00
Struise Brouwers Cuvee Delphine 2013 11.0%330ml£ 6.90
Struise Brouwers Pannepot Special Reserva 2014 10.0%330ml£ 6.70
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak 10.5%330ml£ 4.25
Van SteenbergeGulden Draak Quadrupel 9000 10.5%330ml£ 4.25
Van SteenbergePiraat Triple Hop 10.5%330ml£ 4.60
VerhaegheDuchesse de Bourgogne 6.2%330ml£ 2.90
Japanese Beers
Hitachino NestDai Dai Orange IPA 6.2%330ml£ 3.10
Hitachino NestEspresso Stout 7.0%330ml£ 3.70
Hitachino NestJapanese Classic 7.0%330ml£ 3.50
Hitachino NestNest Lager 5.5%350ml£ 2.99
Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale 7.0%330ml£ 3.60
Hitachino NestRed Rice Ale Barrel Aged 7.0%750ml£16.20
Hitachino NestYuzu Lager 5.5%350ml£ 2.99
De Molen Amarillo 9.3% 330ml£ 4.50
De Molen Heaven & Hell 10.9% 330ml£ 4.65
De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis 10.0% 330ml£ 4.90
De Molen Hemel & Aarde 10.0% 330ml£ 4.50
De Molen Tsarina Esra 10.0% 330ml£ 4.99
De Molen Vuur & Vlam 6.2% 330ml£ 2.90
Het Uiltje Mind Your Step coffee edn 14.0% 330ml£ 5.75
Jopen Bokbier 6.5% 330ml£ 3.50
Jopen Hoppenbier 6.8% 330ml£ 3.50
Jopen Mooie Nel 6.5% 330ml£ 3.50
Jopen Ongelovige Thomas 10.0% 330ml£ 3.50
Jopen Super Dupa 5.5% 330ml£ 3.50
BreweryBeerABVBottle SizePrice
Lervig Liquid Sex Robot 7.9% 330mlout of stock
Lervig Naughty & Nice 12.0% 330ml£ 6.25
Lervig Perler for Svin 6.3% 330ml£ 3.99
Lervig Saskatoon Cheesecake Stout 8.0% 330ml£ 3.70
Lervig Tasty Juice IPA 6.0% 500ml£ 5.60
Lervig 3 Bean Stout 13.6% 330ml£ 5.60
Nogne O Nogne #100 10.0%500ml£ 7.25
Nogne O Nogne #500 Imperial IPA10.0%500ml£ 7.50
Danish Beers
To Øl\Pohjala Graf Gradient 5.8%330ml£ 6.20
To Øl Haze Craze 6.0% 500ml£ 6.35
To Øl One Tonne of Ligonberries 8.0%330ml£ 6.35
Erdinger Oktoberfest 5.7% 500ml£ 2.99
Paulaner Oktoberfest 5.7% 500ml£ 2.99
Andechs Kloster Dopplebock Dunkel 7.1%500ml£ 3.50
Augustiner Edelstoff 5.6%500ml£ 3.10
Augustiner Helles 5.2%500ml£ 3.20
Augustiner Maximator 7.5%500ml£ 4.50
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel 5.0% 500ml£ 2.70
Ayinger Celebrator Dopplebock 6.7% 330ml£ 2.85
Ayinger Kellerbier 4.9% 500ml£ 2.70
Ayinger Lager Hell 4.9% 500ml£ 2.65
Berliner Kindl Berliner Kindl Weisse 3.0%330ml£ 1.85
Berliner Kindl Berliner Pilsner can 5.0%330ml£ 1.65
Erdinger Alcoholfrei 0.4%500ml£ 1.65
Erdinger Dunkel Weisse 5.3%500ml£ 2.80
Erdinger Pikantus 7.3%500ml£ 3.50
Erdinger Urweisse 4.9%500ml£ 2.80
Erdinger Weisse 5.3%500ml£ 2.65
Fruh Fruh Kolsch 4.8%500ml£ 2.70
Ganstaller Gans Weiss 5.2% 500ml£ 4.50
Hacker-Pschorr Anno 1417 Kellerbier 5.5%500ml£ 3.10
Hofbrau Munchen Original Lager 5.1%500ml£ 2.70
Jever Jever Pilsner 4.9%500ml£ 2.30
Krombacher Pils 4.8%500ml£ 2.60
Mahrs Brau Heller Bock 6.8%500ml£ 4.30
Mahrs Brau Bamberger Kellerbier 5.2%500ml£ 3.75
Maisels Weisse Original 5.5%500ml£ 2.75
Paulaner Hefe Weissbier 5.5%500ml£ 2.65
Paulaner Oktoberfest 6.0%500ml£ 2.99
Paulaner Original Münchner Lager 4.9%500ml£ 2.50
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen 5.1%500ml£ 2.90
Schlenkerla Urbock 6.5%500mlseasonal
Schneider Aventinus (Tap 6) 8.2%500ml£ 4.20
Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 12.0%330ml£ 4.50
Schneider Hopfen Weisse (Tap 5) 8.2%500ml£ 4.60
Schneider Fest Weisse (Tap 4) 6.2%500ml£ 3.50
Schneider Weisse (Tap 7) 5.4%500ml£ 2.85
Schofferhofer Wheat Beer Grapefruit Can 2.5%500ml£ 1.65
Stone Berlin Goto IPA 4.5%330ml£ 2.40
Stone Berlin Ripper Pale 5.5%330ml£ 2.55
Stone Berlin White Ghost Berliner Weiss 4.7%330ml£ 2.40
Tegernsee Hell 4.8%500ml£ 3.25
Veltins Veltins Pilsner 4.8%500ml£ 2.35
Frome Valley Henney's Dry Cider 6.0%500ml£ 2.25
Gwynt Cider Black Dragon Cider 6.5%500ml£ 3.10
Kerisac Cidre Breton 5.0%1 l£ 5.20
Lilley's Bee Sting Perry 7.5%500ml£ 2.70
Lilley's Crazy Goat cider/perry blend 6.8%500ml£ 2.70
Lilley's Gladiator Cider 8.4%500ml£ 2.70
Lilley's Mango Cider 4.0%500ml£ 2.99
Lilley's Rhubarb Cider 4.0%500ml£ 2.99
Lilley's Strawberry Cider 4.0%500ml£ 2.99
Lyme BayJack Ratt Vintage Dry 7.4%500ml£ 3.25
Lyme BayAmmonite Botanical 4.0%330ml£ 2.60
Lyme BayAmmonite Hopped 4.0%330ml£ 2.60
Lyme BayBlack Cherry Mead 11.0%750ml£10.15
Lyme BayChilli Mead 11.0%750ml£10.15
Lyme BayChristmas Mead 10% 750ml£10.15
Lyme BayTournament Mead 11.0%750ml£10.15
Lyme BayTraditional Mead 14.5%750ml£10.15
Lyme BayWest Country Mead 14.5%750ml£10.15
Moniack Moniack Mead 14.6%750ml£11.15
Purbeck Cider Dorset Blush 4.0%500ml£ 3.95
Purbeck Cider Forgotten Orchard Cider 5.5%500ml£ 3.45
Purbeck Cider Forgotten Orchard Perry 6.0%750ml£ 6.40
Sheppy Vintage Reserve Oak 7.4%500ml£ 2.45
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask 6.9%500ml£ 3.25
Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%500ml£ 2.35
Weston's Special Reserve Cider 8.2%500mlout of stock
Nation\ BreweryBeerABVSizePrice
Czech Republic\ Budweiser Budweiser Budvar 5.0%330ml£ 1.65
Estonia\ PohjalaTwisted Biscuit 7.5% 330ml£ 3.50
Estonia\ Pohjala Öö Imp Baltic Porter 10.5% 330ml£ 4.45
Estonia\ Pohjala Winter Banger 12.5% 330ml£ 4.85
France\ Saint Sylvestre Trois Monts 8.5%750ml£ 6.99
Spain\ Damn Estrella 4.3% 440ml£ 1.65